4 Ways to Leverage PVMs During the Unexpected Events of 2020

August 7, 2020 Published by

From global pandemic to widespread civil unrest and weather disasters, the events of 2020 have introduced unforeseen circumstances that continue to confront loss prevention (LP) teams with new challenges and potential sources of loss. Public view monitors (PVMs) are an essential, cost effective tool that LP professionals can leverage to enhance asset protection, reduce shrink and communicate with customers. Here are four use cases for PVMs in these challenging times.

1 – Deliver better, more frequent communication

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, things are changing on a daily basis. Retailers need to communicate clearly and often to explain the new rules of engagement and deliver important messages to make customers and associates feel safe.

With the newest PVMs accommodating multiple media types, it’s easy to display a range of content including static or animated images, media files alongside live video streams. Remind customers to wear a mask with a simple banner ad, or show a video demonstrating proper one-way navigation through the store. Provide a reminder at self-checkout about revisions to your returns policy or revised store hours. Clear communications result in a better customer experience. Use PVMs to effectively communicate critical information.

2 – Remind shoppers about social distancing

PVMs strategically placed in the aisles can provide shoppers with a visual reminder and accompanying message about the importance of social distancing. Use accessories including flashing lights or banners to offer real-time reminders to customers of social distancing rules.

3 – Reinforce surveillance to deter crime

In the face of civil unrest and looting in 2020, retailers can use PVMs to send a clear signal to would-be perpetrators that the store is under careful surveillance. Strategically link live video feeds from multiple areas to show potential criminals that they are being monitored at every location in the store. Video feeds displayed on PVMs can be used to record activity and, if necessary, to bring criminals to justice in partnership with law enforcement. This strong show of security is critical to deterring criminal activity.

4 – Provide flexible coverage where needed

With PoE-powered solutions, and various mounting options, PVMS can be quickly and easily positioned around the store as needed. Whether COVID-19 has triggered new categories of high-shrink merchandise (think soap and toilet paper!!) that needs to be monitored, or additional communication is required the moment customers enter the store, PVMs deploy easily when and where they are needed most.

Faced with new challenges, rules and changing conditions on a daily basis, retailers should leverage every tool possible in an effort to provide a safe, customer-focused environment while continuing their fight against shrink and loss. These are just a few ideas on how PVMs can be applied for maximum effectiveness to overcome challenges that have presented themselves in 2020.

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