A Glimpse at the “Back of the House” Value of PVMs

September 29, 2020 Published by

There’s plenty of discussion around the value of public view monitors (PVMs) for loss prevention and customer service applications, but did you know that PVMs can also provide “back of the house” benefits?

Many retailers fail to leverage PVMs in back of the house applications to manage, communicate with and encourage employees. Consider some of the benefits of using PVMs for internal communication purposes.

  • Provide critical updates and information – Whether providing the latest schedules for hourly employees working that week, or reminding employees about special store events or new opening/closing hours, PVMs can display critical information in highly visible locations. This reduces miscommunication that may occur via word of mouth and establishes a dependable source for the latest information.
  • Communicate new operating procedures – Many unforeseen events in 2020 combined with evolving local and state regulations have required sudden and significant operational adjustments. Whether employees are assigned new tasks as a response such as queue management outside the store or sanitizing shopping carts, PVMs installed in back offices or break rooms can provide updated procedures and reminders on new requirements. With PVMs deployed in high traffic, employee-only areas, associates can quickly reference the information and ensure they are following the latest guidelines. 
  • Motivate and encourage – Employee motivation is critical in high-turnover hourly jobs. Encourage employees with motivational messages, congratulatory notes or teambuilding messages displayed on PVMs.
  • Streamline operations to free associates from distractions – Well-placed PVMs in the front of the house can help minimize burdens and distractions on employees. For example, if PVMs provide shoppers with clear communications about new rules of engagement such as one-way aisles or revised returns policies, they will have fewer questions for associates, who can remain focused on more strategic endeavors. Additionally, messaging on the PVMs can be used to direct customers to self service checkout, for example, which frees associates to help inside the checkout corrals.   
  • Encourage “best behavior” – Just as PVMs help deter theft in the front of the house, PVMs strategically placed in sensitive areas such as remote registers, stock rooms, time clocks and employee entrances help deter theft and other improper activity by employees. Registers are the frequent site of sweethearting, price overrides, and miskeys. PVMs at the register help ensure that employees are on their best behavior and performing as trained.

As you consider deploying PVMs around the store, don’t fail to consider how back office applications can support streamlined operations, happy employees and consistent execution of procedures. To learn more about our PVMs, visit our Monitors page. 

To explore ways to leverage your PVMs in the back of the house, connect with us today.

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