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The Power of Advanced Technology to Secure Your Perimeter

Gone are the days of using fences and threatening signage to deter unwanted groups from parking lots and properties during nights and after hours. Perimeter security solutions today are much smarter and more dynamic than legacy solutions and have unprecedented capabilities that can prove extremely effective for deterring unwanted groups and behaviors during any time of day or night.

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4 Ways to Leverage PVMs During the Unexpected Events of 2020

From global pandemic to widespread civil unrest and weather disasters, the events of 2020 have introduced unforeseen circumstances that continue to confront loss prevention (LP) teams with new challenges and potential sources of loss. Public view monitors (PVMs) are an essential, cost effective tool that LP professionals can leverage to enhance asset protection, reduce shrink and communicate with customers.

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Protecting In-Aisle Merchandise

Designer clothes, baby formula, and laundry detergent are some of the most commonly stolen goods in retail and are examples of high-shrink items. Making sure that these product categories are protected is a top priority for retail loss prevention teams.

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