Combat Losses at the POS with Precision Camera Deployment

March 12, 2021 Published by

Shrink has been a challenge for retailers for as long as the industry has existed. Fortunately, new tools are available to empower loss prevention (LP) professionals in the war against shrink. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2020 National Retail Security Survey, 57% of retailers say they use point of sale (POS) analytics to combat shrink. Another 16% have combined that with video analytics and 36% are either conducting pilots or planning implementation by the end of 2021. POS data and video analytics combined are a powerful weapon against shrink. Whether sweethearting is taking place at the register, credit card purchases when a credit card is not present at the transaction, or incorrectly hand-keyed price entries, significant losses occur at the point of sale.

New video analytics targeting POS problems can deliver clear insights into sources of shrink and provide context for loss-causing incidents. However, the software generally requires tight parameters of the video stream being processed to be most effective. Typically, the limited space at the POS area and peculiar angles make effective and consistent deployment of cameras across locations extremely challenging.

With the Wren series of camera positioning systems, retailers can ensure that deployment of every camera at the POS is done with precision, capturing the ideal field of view and ensuring consistency across checkout lines. Because video analytics software is only valuable when analyzing optimized video, proper deployment of cameras is critical. The positioning systems take the guesswork and complexity out of camera deployment. By using it, retailers can:

  • Ensure consistency across every checkout line and every store, capturing the exact same field of view at each location
  • Reduce time and resources required for on-site deployment of cameras, cutting overall cost
  • Improve ROI on video analytics software by capturing optimized video that allows the software to maximize performance and system value
  • Enable scalable, turnkey implementation of POS analytics across your stores

For retailers making investments in video analytics in the fight against shrink, it’s important to consider the details that will optimize the performance of your systems. Infrastructure and deployment are two critical keys to success. Ensure the reliability of your system and learn more about checkout positioning systems from Wren.

For more information on Wren’s camera positioning systems, connect with one of our product specialists.

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