Discover What’s New In Hyperion Perimeter Security

May 12, 2022 Published by

The Hyperion solution for perimeter security is now cloud-based, allowing customers to manage multiple locations from any connected PC or mobile device. This is a significant capability for our customers because it provides enterprise management for all Hyperion perimeter security locations, resulting in less time on-site for installations, faster response to system configuration needs with elimination of on-site visits, as well as visibility into system effectiveness. 

We have also added support for new hardware options, providing more flexibility to customize on-site deterrence and automated response for a strong impression of control.

Additionally, our Technical Support Center is now live! This hub features answers to commonly asked questions, technical documentation, troubleshooting information, and installation guidelines. You can access here, or on our website at

New Features and Capabilities In Version 2.4 Include: 

  • The Hyperion cloud application allows users to manage system events and escalations along with the on-site equipment for all locations. 
  • System activation reports for all locations can be viewed and exported from the Hyperion cloud application. 
  • Networked audio devices provide the capability to expand the number of audio locations configured to respond with individual zones across the perimeter.
  • Expanded support for 3rd party equipment increases accuracy of event detection and provides targeted system response. 

For more information regarding Hyperion version 2.4 and upgrade eligibility, check out the full announcement below. 

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