Emerging Smart PVMs Expand Value, Earn Budget Dollars Beyond LP

March 19, 2021 Published by

In early applications, PVMs were used primarily to deter theft. They displayed live video from on-board cameras, clearly demonstrating that customers are being monitored whether at the self-checkout, in high-value merchandise aisles or near emergency exits in the back of the store.

However, emerging smart PVMs offer advanced capabilities and flexibility that enable multi-purpose use of a single PVM depending on the location, desired goals, time of day or other factors.

Consider the possibilities:

  • LP + merchandising – Large format monitors can easily display live video from an on-board or remote camera on half of the screen while simultaneously showing advertisements on the other half of the screen. This dual-use proposition can help generate budget dollars from marketing and merchandising departments to help fund PVM deployments that deliver value to both LP and merchandising.
  • LP + promotions – Promotions related to specific types of merchandise or time of day can be easily pushed via smart PMVs. As an example, consider consumers visiting the automotive supplies aisle. When motion is detected, the PVM displaying live video can automatically switch to display a video promoting reduced gas prices during a certain window of time.
  • LP + targeted multimedia – New PVMs have the ability to easily integrate with input devices and provide a highly-targeted multimedia message. Consider shoppers in the cosmetics aisle. A PVM unit deployed here helps protect high-value cosmetics that are frequently the object of theft. Additionally, product-specific buttons allow customers to learn more about a specific product.  Half the screen can display live video for deterrence value, while the other half can display multimedia about product features and promotions. 
  • LP + public service messaging – At store entrances, PVMs send a clear message about the store’s high level of security. At the same time, large PVMs can simultaneously display live messaging communicating health and safety reminders, optimal customer flow suggestions and other critical public service information.

This greater level of flexibility not only expands the value of PVMs to retailers, but it also has the potential to attract investment dollars from departments beyond loss prevention, helping defray the cost of deploying PVMs store wide. The latest smart PVMs are a powerful tool in retail far beyond deterring unwanted behavior. Discover the power of PVMs by visiting wrensolutions.com.

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