How to Make Your Retail Store the Least Appealing One on the Block

August 19, 2020 Published by

Even while omnichannel retail and the digital transformation present new challenges in loss prevention (LP), LP professionals still fight a valiant battle against shrink and theft in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2020 National Retail Security Survey, nearly 50% of retailers reported that the greatest increase in fraud continues to be in-store. In light of this information, retail managers should work to make their stores unappealing to criminals and shoplifters.

Public view monitors (PVMs) provide a powerful yet cost effective and easy-to-deploy tool in the fight against shrink by deterring theft. While merchandise tethers, single-item dispensers and other tools offer item-level protection, PVMs provide a deterrent to would-be shoplifters and organized retail criminals throughout their time in the store. Today’s high performance PVMs simultaneously offer the flexibility to display on-screen messaging or show video clips to enhance branding and communicate key information, while displaying live video of the surrounding area. Consider some of the locations and ways PVMs can be deployed to help in the fight against shrink:


PVMs installed at store entrances send a clear message as individuals enter the store that surveillance is in place. In some cases, would-be thieves will assess this as a high-risk store and simply choose to perpetrate their crimes elsewhere. PVMs can show live camera views when triggered by nearby motion and use a portion of the monitor to provide inviting promotional messaging or store information as customers approach the entrance.


Self-checkout offers shoplifters an opportunity to mis-scan items or bag expensive items without scanning them at all. Small format PVMs installed at eye level at self-checkout kiosks provide complete video coverage of each and every scan, making it more challenging and unappealing for shoplifters to complete unethical transactions. Install extra large PVMs overhead to provide broad coverage of the entire area and enable employees monitoring self-checkout to have a broad view of all checkout kiosks simultaneously. Further, today’s PVMs can be used to promote brand messaging or important announcements using a portion of the PVM monitor (or full screen during off-peak times).

High-value merchandise aisles

High-value merchandise merits special attention to avoid becoming the target of organized retail crime (ORC). PVMs can be easily deployed in store aisles to monitor high-value merchandise. Audio can be used to greet guests and let them know that an associate will arrive to assist them shortly. Combine video feeds from multiple cameras to show live views from both directions in the aisle. Add banners to display safety tips or messaging warning thieves that they will be prosecuted. This sort of attention makes it difficult for criminals to get comfortable in the aisle where they know they are being recorded.

Emergency exits

Push-outs represent an enormous source of loss for retailers. Carts full of expensive merchandise are pushed out of emergency exits, where they are loaded into a nearby waiting getaway vehicle. PVMs can display live feeds from inside and outside the door with banners to deter criminal behavior plus recorded activity at the emergency exits can be used to identify criminals in partnership with local law enforcement. 

Unexpected problem areas

During tumultuous times which seem to characterize 2020, extra attention may be needed in unexpected problem areas. Whether events such as the pandemic or a weather emergency suddenly make commodity merchandise a coveted item, or high tensions trigger arguments or contentious behavior among frazzled customers, PVMs can be easily deployed in “hot spots” that require additional attention. Using a connected platform to quickly and easily update content displayed on the PVMs in these areas can increase deterrence and benefit customers.  With PoE-powered PVM technology, no additional power drops are required and specialized mounting hardware makes impromptu deployment on any metal shelf easy.

Deterrence is the least expensive way to reduce shrink and loss. By avoiding the act of theft altogether, retailers can avoid the loss itself and eliminate investigation time and expense. PVMs are an easy way to make your retail store the least appealing one on the block in the eyes of criminals or would-be shoplifters.

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