Hyperion Perimeter Security Solution Update

February 16, 2023 Published by

The Hyperion solution for perimeter security now includes a Wren camera with analytics to activate automated system responses and escalations. The enhanced camera analytics increases accuracy of on-site behavior identification, reduces false activations, and strengthens the impression of control. 

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that a cellular communication kit is available, providing users with the necessary equipment to operate Hyperion off network.

New Features and Capabilities In Version 2.5.1 Include: 

  • Support for a Wren camera that is used for detection to activate automated responses and escalations is included in this release. 
  • A cellular communication kit is now available to operate Hyperion off network. 
  • A network connection test is available on the gateway to aid in troubleshooting connection issues during installation and setup.
  • Test procedures for Hyperion ports has been added to the gateway for QA checks at the factory and for troubleshooting on-site. 

For more information regarding Hyperion version 2.5.1 and upgrade eligibility, check out the full announcement below. 

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