In-Aisle PVMs

Protecting In-Aisle Merchandise

April 23, 2020 Published by
In-Aisle PVMs

Designer clothes, baby formula, and laundry detergent are some of the most commonly stolen goods in retail and are examples of high-shrink items. Making sure that these product categories are protected is a top priority for retail loss prevention teams.

Since public view monitors (PVMs) offer a high-deterrence value to ward off unwanted behavior, deploying them around high-shrink items is a sound loss prevention strategy. Retailers can layer points of deterrence in these aisles through a variety of placements and configurations.

Before we go into what these configurations are, let’s first take a look at the role placement and attention-grabbing features play in protecting in-merchandise aisles.

Why Placement and Attention-Grabbing Features Matter

A joint study by the Loss Prevention Research Council and the University of Florida found that there was a direct correlation between the noticeability of PVMs and the prevention of retail crime. The more noticeable the PVMs are, the less likely the perpetrator would be to commit the act.

To arrive at this conclusion, researchers placed PVMs at varying heights with a variety of attention-grabbing features like:

  • Flashing Lights
  • Chimes
  • Banner Messaging
  • Monitor Border Color

The findings noted that placing PVMs at eye level increased noticeability of the PVM, with 75% of participants identifying them at eye level compared to 53% when deployed overhead. Likewise, attention-grabbing features also increased noticeability but not as much as placement and height.

What Layering In-Aisle Deterrents Looks Like  Knowing the role placement and attention-grabbing features play in deterring unwanted behavior, retailers can layer deterrent devices in high-shrink areas with two primary configurations. Let’s explore what they are.\

Placing PVMs at Eye Level on Shelving Units
An increasingly popular choice to use in-aisle PVMs is to install them at eye level on shelving units. This approach allows a retailer to target a specific product or category that is known to be high-risk.  In order to maximize effectiveness,  special mounting equipment may be required for an optimal deployment. In more challenging environments, like home improvement, retailers may fortify these PVMs with special mounts and protective cases to help reduce costly damage from forklifts and other heavy equipment.

Because PVMs in these configurations are at eye level, they provide a high-level of deterrence, capture video that is effective for identification for prosecution and can also be used as part of the retailers’ marketing strategy by displaying ads or brand marketing materials.

Installing PVMs Overhead
Overhead PVMs can use eye-catching features to attract attention and let the dishonest shoppers know that their illegal intentions will not be tolerated at the store. In addition to preventing retail crime, large-format overhead PVMs give associates a quick overview of an area so that they can provide timely customer service.

Retailers have a variety of options to meet their in-aisle, loss prevention needs, from mounting choices to attention-grabbing features. Regardless of the approach, PVMs are versatile enough to fit any loss prevention strategy or goal and can be used to enhance security measures inside the store.

To learn how you can enhance your store’s security with PVMs, connect with one of our specialists to develop a unique solution for you.

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