Keeping Up With the Changing State of Retail

Retail stores are not going away. 

The winners in retail balance the delivery of superior customer
experience with cost-effective solutions for security and loss prevention.


Monitor Self-Checkout and Keep Customers Moving

Customer-facing and overhead PVMs create awareness and deter theft with a combination of viewpoints.

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Secure All Points of Your Perimeter

Hyperion deploys a perimeter of security around your business detecting unwanted behavior and automating deterrent responses to protect people and property.

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Protect Vulnerable Areas with PVMs

Arm fire exit doors and other areas of risk with monitors to create awareness and deter theft.

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Help Customers Feel Safe

24/7 operations require a specialized approach to protect employees and customers, reduce loitering and make customers feel safe. Blending employee intervention with autonomous system responses provides a comprehensive approach to managing perimeter security.

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Ensure Brand Consistency

When you change your technology or store layout, you want to be assured that the look will be consistent and true to your brand. Wren customizes housings to deliver a consistent look across your stores.

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