Technology Advancements That Help Create a Safe, Secure Shopping Environment in an Ever-changing World

February 22, 2021 Published by

2020 was rife with unexpected events, widespread violence and completely new rules of engagement. Prior to 2020, shoppers worried little about disease transmission in retail environments. However, due to COVID-19, shoppers now expect retailers to support measures that ensure their health and safety. Likewise, 2020 introduced incidents associated with civil unrest which have been accompanied by violence and destruction of property. Many retailers are still grappling with the best ways to offer a safe and secure shopping environment amidst difficult conditions, elevated anxiety and a host of health and social challenges.

Creating a safe and secure retail environment in today’s world is a complex, multi-faceted endeavor. Here are some ideas for leveraging technology to address challenge areas.

Storewide communications – In a real-time world, it’s essential to communicate up-to-date information. Whether it’s a dangerous weather condition, a newly announced government mandate, or an urgent local warning, information is most valuable when it’s timely. Today’s advanced PVMs provides a flexible, highly visible means to deliver information instantly across your store. Using a web-based interface, LP professionals can update message displays with text, images or video to quickly disseminate information in real time.

After hours delivery and loading – With a great deal of traffic coming in and out of back entrances and loading docks for store deliveries, retailers need to secure this vulnerable area. By deploying PVMs displaying live views from cameras covering the loading dock areas, just inside the loading dock doors, employees can verify who’s outside prior to unlocking the doors. In addition, delivery personnel receive a clear message that their activities are under surveillance so as to avoid thieves pulling up to the loading docks to load their cars with stolen merchandise. Perimeter security solutions with flashing lights and audio also discourage unwanted activities at the loading docks after hours, driving away unwanted traffic.

Parking lots and property perimeter – In an age when violent interactions can land on your property suddenly and unexpectedly, it becomes increasingly important to encourage unwanted groups to simply go elsewhere. Perimeter security solutions that include warning lights and escalating auditory and visual responses can deter unwanted groups early, when they first arrive on the property. Met with escalating messages, attention-grabbing lights and sound, these unwanted groups may simply choose another location to perpetrate their crimes.

Self-checkout – In light of a difficult economy and high unemployment, shrink is on the rise. Self-checkout offers shoppers a seemingly unmonitored lane to bag items without paying or to scan less expensive items in place of more costly items to save money. Thoughtfully deployed PVMs at the self-checkout can serve the dual purpose of showing live views of the person checking out so that they know their transactions are being monitored and promoting key messages. Prior to shoppers approaching or after payment is made, these PVMs can be used to display important messages, timely promotions or other branding. Promotions and messaging can be triggered by analytics and other information coming from systems that the customer is interacting with.

As LP strives to provide security and safety in an ever-changing world, their ability to leverage cost effective technologies will be critical.

To explore more ideas for securing your retail store with PVMs, perimeter security and other solutions, connect with one of our product specialists.

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