Use PVMs to Deliver Targeted Protection of High-Risk Merchandise

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According to the National Retail Federation’s Organized Retail Crime Survey, organized retail crime (ORC) rings target particular items such as designer clothing, infant formula, razors, designer handbags, allergy medicine and high-end liquor among others. Retailers must work to stem losses with the application of loss prevention (LP) tactics and technologies that deter theft.

Protecting specific, high-shrink items using public view monitors (PVMs) combined with other technology solutions is a great way to deter both ORC and shoplifting. In some cases, products need additional protection due to their high demand, while in other cases, they may represent greater value than the average product on the shelf. Additional protection may also be required for products displayed in areas that are difficult to monitor, such as outdoors or in aisles in the back of the store, near emergency exits.

Using PVMs that can integrate easily with other security systems, LP professionals can creatively protect specific merchandise with targeted responses that combine PVMs with on-board camera and external audio, lighting and analytics solutions. Consider some sample applications:

  • In the firearms and ammunition section of a retail store, a large format PVM uses analytics to determine that a customer has approached the aisle. It immediately triggers overhead audio welcoming the customer to this section of the store and informing them that an associate will be there to help them momentarily. This serves the dual purpose of enhancing the customer experience for legitimate customers while simultaneously signaling would-be thieves that the area is under close surveillance.
  • In the specialty wine section of a grocery retailer, PMVs are used to detect motion and trigger audio informing the customer that this area is restricted to shoppers who are 21 and older. The display then splits, showing live video on half the screen, and a wine promotion on the other.
  • The handbag department in a specialty apparel store, which is frequently targeted by shoplifters, is outfitted with a PVM. Half of the display shows live video from the on-board camera, while the other half shows live video from another camera in that department, sending a clear signal that the entire area is under surveillance.

Targeted product protection helps retailers secure merchandise that is at high risk of theft. In addition, smart PVMs integrated with other systems can deliver important messages, instructions or other theft-deterring lights and sounds. Learn more about the power of PVMs at

To learn more ways you can utilize PVMs to protect high-value merchandise, contact us today.

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