Door Mullion Mount

  • Designed for door mullion mounting
  • Flush and surface-mount options
  • +/- 10 degrees of horizontal adjustment
  • Ideal for banking and retail applications
  • Available in black, silver and white

The door mullion housings are a great option for capturing high-resolution video with a discreet housing that blends into its environment.  Designed for simple installation and positioning, the DM series is a flexible solution for any door mullion application.  Ideal for retail and banking applications, but also anywhere that a semi-covert solution is required.


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Model Number

DMF3-BAXFX8D – Door Mullion, Flush, Black for Axis F1025
DMF3-BHKCCD – Door Mullion, Flush, Black for Hikvision

We are continually certifying cameras models for our housings. If you have a camera model you would like to see work with this housing, please let us know.