Flush-Mount Housing

  • Designed for flush-mount installations in doors, walls and ceilings
  • Ideal for semi-covert deployments
  • Small, 2-inch diameter unit with clean lines meet aesthetic needs
  • Easy installation and deployment
  • Vandal resistant, aluminum housing protects the camera

The FM1 series is an extremely versatile housing in a small form factor.  The unit can be used in many applications for general surveillance or specific needs, such as a door mullion.  The trim ring comes standard in an aluminum, black or white finish, but can be customized to meet design requirements.


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Model Number

FM1-CWAXFX8D – Flush Mount Dome, White
FM1-CBAXFX8D – Flush Mount Dome, Black
FM1-CCAXFX8D – Flush Mount Dome, Brushed Aluminum

Supported Products

Axis:  F1005-E, F1035-E

We are continually certifying cameras models for our housings. If you have a camera model you would like to see work with this housing, please let us know.